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Lulu's In Crisis: Guestbook

tim Callahan

January 30, 2011

Saw you last night in Brighton. Seen you a few times and you are a blast! Great songs and you look like you are having fun. Cheap Trick one of the most underrated bands! Surrender is a classic with some of the coolest lyrics but best song of the night had to be Dream Police!!


November 8, 2010

kick it


October 3, 2010

Can't believe you guys are still around. It's like going back to 1993 again. Hope all is well. If I'm back in the B'ton area and you guys have a show, I'll check you out.

kevin kelly

September 9, 2010

will make the show..


September 9, 2010

I'm scared!!!


July 27, 2010

Yet ANOTHER supergroup doing a reunion for the money; probably to support the bass player's oxycontin addiction!

Good luck boys! Wish I could be there. Fish~Man

rock~n~roll forever

August 24, 2005

hey guys...i saw you in laconia a few weeks ago and you dedicated "i love rock and roll" to me...remember? anyways, please practice sheena is a punk rocker then come to boston and dedicate that to me...


May 23, 2005

I saw you guys over 10 years ago and you where the best local band around. Me and my boys used to go where ever you played Kinvara was the best. You guys did the best version of Alive I have ever seen glad to see your back on the scene I cant wait to check out your next show.

booboo kitty & buddy - o

May 18, 2005

we think lulu's in crisis is the cat's meow!

Michele Norton (sykes)

May 12, 2005

G-man - you did a great job on the web site - the song list is SO diversified and I can't wait to see you all again - have an AWESOME vacation - you deserve it! Hugs - Chele


May 5, 2005

Can it really be??? I knew you guys wouldnt disapoint me!! Cant wait.... ~Michelle


April 8, 2005

have i gone back in time, or do all these boys look very familiar???? are we all together again???? dana too????


February 21, 2005

How could we ever forget you Truna? Never..... check out the added pic ; )


February 8, 2005

Boys , I see no pix of all the fun we've had together! Have you forgotten so soon? Can't wait to catch up with you!Ciao


February 8, 2005

Not bad for a bunch of older guys!!


January 30, 2005

oh, that Dana is soooooo sexy!!!